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TINNIBRAIN® is an innovative personalized app for tinnitus treatment, intended for Apple and Android software platforms, developed on the knowledge of Conditional Acoustic Neuromodulation. The program consists of highly personalized sound exercises, with causal stimuli to ensure that the training is every day, and for the entire duration of rehabilitation, always different.

The sound exercises are built on the patient's tinnitus characteristics and allow the rehabilitation of adult subjects in the field of selective auditory attention, acoustic memory and perceptive learning. The patient thus finds himself to be an active part of the exercise, as opposed to what until now have been the strategies of use and application of the classic "sound therapy".

The training allows to enhance attentional capacities towards external sounds, develop conditional listening strategies, increase the ability to control and block the perception of the symptom and reduce the tinnitogenic substrate.

By searching for the TINNIBRAIN app, with your iPhone or Smartphone, after registering on the site, the user can enter the heart of the application. Based on the data entered, the highly personalized program of sound exercises is downloaded. A guide informs the user on the methods and on the correct execution of the rehabilitation program, which involves the active listening of a daily sound piece - perceptive training lasting 15 minutes - for six months.

Conditional listening (Auditory Perceptual Training) of sound tracks constructed according to the principles of the Auditory Discrimination Task stimulates the auditory cortex to reorganize itself (Cortical Re-Mapping) resulting in a blockage of hyperactivity of the cortical auditory areas responsible for the onset of tinnitus .

The area is accompanied by an initial evaluation sheet so that the results can be recorded, thus allowing the effects to be assessed at the end of the rehabilitation process. The data itself can be viewed and assessed by the patient's own doctor or the specialist in question, at the discretion of the patient.

At the same time as the rehabilitation process, the app provides a daily "counseling" to educate the patient on the symptom management strategies14.

The app is completed with a series of sound tracks (sounds of nature with a neutral value) useful for promoting concentration, relaxation and night rest.

Preliminary results show that the patients who used the app found benefit in 80% of cases.

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